GSW Coordinator

The GSW Coordinator is responsible for coordination of all GSW Programming. This is a full-time non-exempt position.

The Coordinator must think systemically about workforce development needs in the community, and identify barriers to employment that can be resolved through connections and collaborations.

The GSW Coordinator will:

• Expand GSW’s network of workforce related service providers, develop contacts with employers

• Gather perspectives on workforce needs of the community and asset mapping of existing services

• Design GSW meeting content, identify speakers, develop guiding questions for panels, panel discussion guides, and organize dry runs of the meetings so that content is polished when presented

• Organize Leadership, Direct Service, and Board meetings (write meeting minutes, send meeting reminders, follow-up with agreements started at the meeting)

• Facilitate panel discussions and meetings for GSW and other partners

• Develop and update a service directory of GSW members

• Actively manage the GSW listservs

• GSW outreach

• Edit videos and PowerPoint presentations, update website

• Prepare reports and documents to inform decisions/meetings

• Facilitate member networking