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is a non-profit workforce development organization advocating for individuals across Central New York by building a collaborative network for workforce development in the Greater Syracuse Area.

Finding solutions for barriers to employment. 

Since established in 1999, Greater Syracuse Works has leveraged over $10 million in state and federal grants to help local agencies provide employment and training opportunities for disadvantaged communities. 

In 2020, the Syracuse Community Center Collaborative assumed leadership of GSW and has reinvigorated its convening role. Together with PEACE Inc., the Collaborative has engaged new member organizations to generate a new deal for workforce development by building synergies among programs and tearing down barriers for those seeking to join the local workforce. 


Greater Syracuse Works is a non-profit workforce development organization advocating for individuals across Central New York and collaborating to address barriers to employment.


GSW convenes leaders of community-based organizations and other key stakeholders to develop strategic responses to workforce development challenges and opportunities.


GSW facilitates connections between employees, employers, and service providers with the goal of preparing individuals with the market-driven skills and credentials needed to be successful  in the workplace.


GSW harnesses the power of partnerships and collaborations to help advocate for our clients and channel resources to respond to community needs.


GSW's meetings provide network members a space to reflect on the status of workforce development, identify future opportunities, and generate collaborations to create and sustain employment for underserved populations in the CNY region. 

Image by Jason Goodman

Direct service staff and agency representatives share experiences, solve problems, build a network, and participate in training. 

Business Meeting

Quarterly Leadership Meetings

Executive directors, their designees, and high-level leaders develop strategic solutions. 

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