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Which Clean Energy Field is Right for You?

Great Jobs That Are Good for the Planet  

People with all kinds of skills and interests are starting clean energy careers in New York State. You may find yourself building renewable energy systems, designing homes and buildings that are safer and more efficient, or helping New Yorkers drive the coolest new electric vehicles. There are even ways for you to get free training to learn new skills that will help you get started. In some cases, you can actually earn money while you learn.

Entering the workforce for the first time? Heading to college and picking a degree? Planning a midlife career change?

No matter who you are, a career in clean energy can help you energize your future.

You can help New Yorkers get renewable energy from the sun when you choose a career in solar. 


Make it your business to keep New Yorkers feeling comfortable year-round without burning fossil fuels. 


From tech manufacturing to building wind turbines, New York's growing wind industry is a major career opportunity. 


Drive your career forward by helping New Yorkers skip the gas pump and go electric. 


Use techniques like air sealing and insulation to make homes and buildings safer and more efficient. 


Help people learn how to save money and reduce their carbon footprint by solving their energy challenges. 

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